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Strategic Statement:

"We will nurture and institutionalize a culture of continuous improvement by integrating the Governor’s vision with employee-driven reforms to improve processes and modernize state government’s systems, providing more efficient and effective services and improving customer service in all areas of state government."

Why is this important?

Breakthrough Indicators:

► Progress In Advancing a Culture of Continuous Improvement


Why is this important?

Modern, efficient government that provides better service and good government is central to achieving each of the Administration’s goals.

Together, we’re working to make government more efficient and effective, by listening to frontline state employees. This includes the launch of the PIVOT program, through which state employees work with the Chief Performance Officer to identify and eliminate inefficiencies.

PIVOT was modeled after Toyota’s successful Lean techniques, a process designed to increase productivity by empowering employees to systematically reduce waste. With these techniques, we are employing continuous improvement strategies across state government.

Increased capacity means state government can do more for Vermonters. This type of modernization helps get more value from each tax dollar, cut through red tape and improve customer service. This is important work, and for Vermonters this means a state government geared towards continuous improvement, better service, done more efficiently, and producing more value.