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Economy - Dashboard

Strategic Statement:

"We will grow Vermont’s economy by focusing on expanding existing businesses, recruiting new employers and expanding our labor force (workers age 25 to 64), resulting in increased economic opportunity, more jobs, higher K-12 school enrollment and growth in state revenues."

Why is this important?

Breakthrough Indicators:

► Workforce Growth in AAA Rated States; and Vermont Employer Growth

► Workforce Number and Percent of Population; Statewide and by County

► Percent of Wage Growth and Average Wage Growth, by County

Use the left and right arrows located at the bottom of the dashboard below to scroll through the breakthrough indicator data. 

Why is this important?

A strong economy is key to creating greater opportunity for all Vermonters and communities.

By restoring Vermont’s economic and fiscal fundamentals, we can work toward ensuring vibrant communities and a thriving economy in all 251 Vermont towns; classrooms full of kids who graduate with more opportunities to start a career right here; and where we always have the resources to invest in a cleaner environment, safer neighborhoods and protecting our most vulnerable.

With policies focused on expanding growth to all 14 counties, we can help all families and all kids feel the hope of a bright future in Vermont.